Manufacturing excellence since 1992

Sealtite Dichtungs Pvt. Ltd., a dynamic and professionally managed organisation, is committed to delivering excellence in the manufacturing of high quality pressed components, subassemblies, and gaskets.

With intense international exposure and a combined experience spanning several years, our team of professionals adopt the best practices for product and process selection and design. Equally focused on delivering value engineering, we also emphasise on technical training of personnel, plant layout, procurement, and fiscal management.

Leveraging our rich experience and domain expertise, Sealtite is uniquely placed to provide continuously evolving quality solutions for all our products.

Our Performance

For nearly two decades, we have maintained a niche position among OEMs by consistently delighting clients with customised engineering solutions. Our customer confidence is reflected through:

  • A Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 40% over the past five years
  • Completely debt free for more than 15 years

With rich experience and domain expertise, Sealtite provides continuously evolving quality solutions

To maintain our distinctive edge in offering excellence, we, at Sealtite, believe in evolving and innovating continuously. We make a conscious effort to consistently deliver superior designs with precision products. Helping our staff of 75 achieve this is our professional plant layout that includes:

  • In-house tool room facility that gives us the added advantage of being able to control each step of the development process and respond quickly to customer requests and changes
  • Over 20 presses of 160 tons capacity to produce exact components up to 6mm in thickness
  • Captive Tool Room equipped with CNC Wire EDM, CNC Milling, and sophisticated CAD/CAM software for the design of tools, gauges, jigs, and fixtures
  • Water Jet and Laser Cutting to ensure short development cycles
  • CNC Vision Inspection System and Air Bore Gauges to measure diameter accuracies up to ½ a micron
  • Capability to handle various assembly processes that include:
    • Spot welding
    • Projection welding
    • TIG welding
    • CO2 welding
    • Laser welding
    • Spin riveting
  • Specialise in latest Flow Drill technique to provide higher-grade solutions compared to weld nuts
  • Customised ERP Solutions to help us track all activities from Inventory and Purchase to Sales and Quality
Future plans

Supported by our track record and striving to significantly increase our offerings, our expansion plans include:

  • Three-fold increase in built-up area to 24,000 sq.ft.
  • Additional press capacity increased up to 250 ton
  • Dedicated assembly area
At Sealtite, we have introduced a new production and employee motivation system —

'The Sealtite Premier League'

Premier League

The idea backing this system is to introduce the concept of competitiveness amongst the employees and motivate them to perform better. In this system, all our employees are divided into 7 teams comprising 8-14 people each. Each team is led by a 'captain', who is assisted by a 'vice captain' of his/her choice. The team also has a wicket keeper who is in charge of all quality aspects.

Each team is assigned a workload, to be completed in 15 working days and the team is completely responsible for the entire lifecycle of the workload from coordinating with suppliers, to supervising quality — in-process and final, production, reporting, invoicing, and despatch to customers.

This initiative is based on a point system. Every team begins its work cycle with a kitty of points which they can use to 'buy' services from other teams (for example, borrowing a player (employee) for a day, borrowing a 'stadium' (machine) for a day, and seeking assistance from the support team for problem solving, etc.). The team that finishes its tasks with maximum number of points wins the league.

To further this initiative, every 3 months, teams can bid for players from other teams to join them. A maximum of 25% of players can be pulled from each team. The retaining team will have to outbid the buying team to keep its flock together. This allows individual players also to earn points, thus motivating and encouraging them to perform and complete their tasks more efficiently.

Appraisals conducted annually will be based on this point system and on the recorded and tabulated points collected by each player. Appraisals are based more on a peer ranking system rather than perception of the management.

Motivating our employees to innovate and excel

At Sealtite, we are driven by strong, integral values and reliable performance — enhanced by superior technology and facilities — to deliver the best results in manufacturing. We deliver excellence in manufacturing through:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Deep-drawn components
  • Tailored blanks
  • Intricate assemblies
  • High-precision parts

At Sealtite, we place immense importance on promoting a safe work environment. Keen on maintaining our incident-free record, we ensure:

  • Implementation of multiple levels of safety devices on all machines to ensure complete redundancy
  • Continuous focus on automating various processes to reduce the human-machine interaction, which in turn ensures higher levels of safety compliance


Motivating our employees to innovate and excel



Sealtite is a one stop shop for all stamping and sheet metal components. From simple to complex, assemblies to pressed components, we have the capability to manufacture a wide variety of parts to meet the stringent requirements of our customers. We have, and will continue to invest in, best-in-class machines to deliver the highest quality of components.

In addition, we focus on manufacturing complex and precision components that challenge us technically and continuously look to upgrade our technology to help us improve performance and capabilities.

Sealtite is a customer service company that just happens to make sheet metal components

Manufacturing Excellence













Engagement modules and processes

We engage with our customers at every stage of the product lifecycle from conceptualisation, design, and prototyping to final serial production. Our in-house design team works closely with our customers to ensure shorter development lead time and fewer iterations. Furthermore, helping us exceed customer expectations is our continuous investment in technology, people, and systems.

Our services include:
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling
  • Stamping
  • Assemblies
Why Sealtite?
  • Fully equipped in-house tool design and manufacturing facilities
  • Best-in-class machines to ensure highest levels of quality
  • Technically strong management team with over 40 years of individual experience
  • Completely computerised management system (all our shop floor personnel, including operators, supervisors, and inspectors are equipped with Android & iOS tablets) that provide real-time information, work instructions, etc.
Exceeding customer expectations through an incomparable process
Capability to ensure consistent output

With a focus on delighting customers with products that are compliant with the highest standards, we, at Sealtite, strive to abide by stringent reputed standards. While the execution of our projects is compliant with the internationally acceptable Advanced Product Quality Planning process according to ISO/TS:16949:2009 standards, our plant has an established, documented, implemented, and maintained Quality Management System, which is certified.

These standards meet the rigorous norms laid down by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).


Sealtite has one of the best Press Shops in South India with over 36 machines ranging from 10–160 ton. We have a fully equipped Tool Room, including Wire EDM facilities, which is supported by our in-house design team. We are known for using the best manufacturing equipment to produce products of the highest quality.

Meeting the highest standards worldwide
Meeting the highest standards worldwide

At Sealtite, we strive to manufacture and supply products and components that consistently conform and fulfil customer expectations.

We strive to become a leading and trustworthy business partner for all our customers while simultaneously creating an environment of teamwork among our people.

We embody the philosophy of GRIPS, which guides us to deliver excellence.


Gratitude - Paid through consistent quality compliance to our customers for entrusting us to meet their requirements, and to our suppliers for enabling us to do so

Respect - For one another

Integrity - The conduct of our company at all times

Pride - In a job well done

Shame - Each time an assignment or output is of unacceptable company or customer standards

Our philosophy of GRIPS guides us towards excellence
Like our domain knowledge, our clientele is always expanding

Not content to rest on our laurels, we, at Sealtite, continuously innovate and build new products. This helps us widen our horizons and deepen our understanding on how things work. Some of our in-depth projects include:

  • Electric Scooter (2006)
  • Pick N Place automation system for power presses (2009)
  • Self Balancing 2-Wheeler (2011)
  • Air Engine (2012)
  • Solar Air-conditioner (2013)
Innovating and building new products is what we excel in

If working with an organisation that believes in being the best in their field excites you and if you believe in continuously innovating to stay ahead and exploring new horizons, then Sealtite is the place for you. Regardless of your experience, do contact us with your resume. We'll get back to you as soon as we see a possible fit.

Please send your updated resume to:

Explore new horizons with Sealtite

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